If you would like to get a puppy from us:

1. Have patience — we only have 1 to 2 litters a year. Dam and Sire are all heath tested for optimum health after 2 years old and are bred only if they pass HIPS, Elbows, Heart, Eyes, Thyroid, and DNA testing.

2. Check on this page for announcement of breeding plans.

3. Submit an questionnaire under PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE – You should enter your information by copying puppy questionnaire and pasting into an email to champagnegoldens1@gmail.com

What is the cost?

The cost of a Champagne Golden Retriever Limited Registration Pet/Companion puppy is $4,800. The cost of a Champagne Golden Retriever Unlimited Registration Show Prospect puppy is determined by the breeding and only go to Approved Golden Retriever show homes.

How do you reserve a puppy?

Once the puppies are born: We notify those who have completed steps 1-3. Those ready to commit should send a deposit of $800 with the remaining $4,000 due at puppy pick up by GoodDog, Cashier’s check, Money order, or personal check- only if sent 2 weeks prior to pick up. Those interested will be sent a copy of the deposit contract and sales contract by email once commitment has been confirmed.

How do I receive my puppy?

Puppies can be picked up in person, met halfway, or shipped by airplane at buyer’s expense.

What is the process of choosing a puppy?

The choosing process is a collaborative effort, but in the end we have the final say. We spend a lot of time with the puppies. We get to know each puppy’s personality & energy level very well. New owners are encouraged to let us know if there are certain puppies they feel they are drawn to. We welcome and take into account this feedback into our final “choosing” of puppies. The decision for puppy placement is made between around 7-8 weeks old — after the puppies have had their temperament test, breed structure evaluation and veterinarian health check. This process seems to work out well for all.

What else can you expect?

Each puppy will have received their vaccinations against parvovirus and distemper and up to date by age of pick up. Each puppy goes home with our custom Puppy Packet, which includes Paid by Breeder- AKC registration, AKC Microchip, AKC Reunite Lifetime registration , 5 generation pedigree, veterinarian health certificate, photos of parents, copies of the parent’s health clearances, a sales contract, information on puppy training, worming, vaccinations, a toy with mother’s scent, a chew toy for the ride home and enough food for a few days. You can also expect a lifelong breeder relationship and support.

Champagne Golden Retriever will Always have a Home-

If, for any unforeseen circumstance, you find yourself unable to care for your Champagne Golden Retriever there is no need to ever relinquish your dog to a shelter or rescue. No matter the reason, we will provide a loving home.


Previous Breeding

Puppies were born September 28. 2019.



 AKC Registered number : SR75140801

 Date of birth : October 23, 2012

 Hip clearance OFA-GR-113321G30M-VPI

 Elbow clearance OFA-EL33452M30-VPI

 Heart clearance OFA-GR-CA25443/15M/C-VPI

 Eye clearance OFA-EYE7519/68/VPI (7/18)

 Ichthyosis Status Clear (Optigen GR-ICH-376/11M-VPI)

 Thyroid clearance OFA-GR-TH2558/15M-VPI

 Prcd-Pra Status : Clear (Optigen GR-Pra476/10M-VPI)

 Pra 1 Status : Clear ( Optigen- GR-1-343/11M-VPI)

 Pra 2 Status : Clear ( Optigen- GR-2-186/11M-VPI)

Maxx Pedigree

Jasmine’s Health Clearances

Jasmine’s Pedigree

2 weeks old

2 weeks old

2 weeks old

2 Weeks old

2 Weeks old

2 weeks old

2 weeks old

2 weeks old